Corporate Films

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  • The Explainer
  • Customer testimonials
  • Industrial Videos
  • Product Launch

The explainer

You may have noticed that YouTube is populated with ‘how to’ videos about using many a product and service, created by customers and fans themselves. These videos can teach customers how to use your product or service properly, guiding them to the process step-by-step, and also promoting the product or company’s virtues in the bargain.

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to convince potential customers that your product delivers. These type of videos, when presented in a slick production, can go a long way towards enhancing your credibility.

Industrial videos

These videos are meant for important stakeholders within the industry rather than customers themselves. As such, they are slightly more technical in nature, and provide a more professional insight into your firm’s capabilities and competencies. Typically, industrial videos are used for B2B marketing, investor pitches, sales pitches and displayed at trade shows.

Product launch

When you are at the brink of launching a new product into the market, a promotional video can be a great way to generate hype. It can be shared on official social media, pushed out on various platforms and generally used to create curiosity, awareness and intrigue into your new product.