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  • Simple Studio Product Shots
  • White Background
  • Size of the Products 
  • Product Grouping

Simple Studio Product Shots

In our world of online shopping, where millions of products sell online, there’s great need for good, clean, product photography.For online retailers who sell a diversity of products, speed and efficiency are necessary when it comes to creating product images that will sell the product.
This could mean that they have a studio setup that does not move. All products are shot with the same static setup.

White Background

The white background is more common than any other background and there are several reasons for this.Using Photoshop, or similar programs, you can select the product and remove it from the background. You can then set it on a pure white background or float in a multi-image layout.A great place to look at products placed on white is Amazon. Most of their product backgrounds are white.

Size of The Product

Creating scale is a photography approach that defines for the viewer, how big or small a product is. It allows the shopper to view how the product looks and is used.

Product Grouping

Group product images are a way to demonstrate options to the buyer. These can be a collection of women’s make-up that might include multiple variations on the products in the group or the same product that comes in variations.