Tv Commercial Ad Films

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  •  Institutional Ads
  • Educational Ads
  • Action Ads

Institutional Ads

Often these style of spots are called “Brand positioning” ads. From soft drinks to automobiles, you see these ads everywhere.They don’t say anything about what the specifics of the product are, what it costs or any of its features, only that its cool and you should have one.  These campaigns are effective if the general public are familiar with your products because you’re selling the experience not the product. ( Beer, Cars & Cruises)

Educational Ads

These are ads which educate the audience to who you are. They are introductions.Often pharmaceutical companies use of these style of ads. “If you have lower back pain it may be this and that” or “Your mop leaves more bacteria on the floor than it picks up” are common ways you educate the audience to your product.These are the campaigns that new brands should focus on first.

Action Ads

These ads in their different forms are the ones that connect directly to sales. They can be brand killers if your not careful, but maybe your audience is into a great deal. Which style is best for you? Well what’s your goal? To build your brand or re-brand? Or do you need a shot of cash flow now?  Are you testing products in different markets?  What are you trying to communicate to your customers and how well does your customer know your brand on television or online will dictate what type of ad you need to create.